Deadline Day Worries – Brentford Fans Concerned By More Sales Talk

Deadline Day Worries – Brentford Fans Concerned By More Sales Talk
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Brentford fans will be scratching their heads and chewing their knuckles for the rest of today as it is shaping up to be traumatic final day of the transfer window.

Birmingham City, who have already scooped former Bees’ skipper Harlee Dean in a £2m-plus deal, are reportedly hosting both Jota and Maxime Colin at the Blues’ training ground, as Harry Redknapp attempts to spend in the region of £10m more on Griffin Park gems, with Fulham’s offer now no longer being the only one to consider as revealed exclusively on Beesotted yesterday.

Bees fans have grown used to our best players moving on to chase Premier League football, or at least Premier League sized pay packets that BFC cannot compete with, and nobody can dispute that every time it happens, despite sticking on a philosophical hat, it feels like a royal kick in the nads. Surely, if we really are serious about getting to the top flight, we’ll have to buck the trend and start holding on to the very best of the best.

But take one look at the transfer market and the prices being quoted, and the wages being touted, then you start to realise how easy that is to say, but how difficult it is to achieve. Once a players’ head is turned, there’s precious little a club our size can do, especially with a contract in its final year.

I personally consider Jota to be the finest player I’ve ever seen pull on a Brentford shirt, and I will be devastated to see him go, especially when all the player’s assurances of ‘staying unless a top flight club came in’ for him seem to be well meaning tosh.

Harlee (personally again) I’m less bothered about – both parties needed clarity and closure… he was a very good player for Brentford and all fans thank him for helping us on the journey to the Championship, but it was time for him to move on in all probability and I hope he’s happy with the deal to St. Andrews.

Maxime Colin’s departure, unless Brentford intend to bring in new faces, which looks unlikely, even with recent developments, will set alarm bells off – okay, we have made numerous signings during the summer transfer window – but many will be asking how the poor start to the season can be rectified with (possibly) three first team regulars heading for the door.

Who knows how the rest of today will pan out, but one thing is for sure, tonight’s Pride of West London Beesotted Podcast is going to be a lively one.

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  1. Leonard


    Colin was with his child in Brentford not in Birmingham. Scouring twitter and internet I understand is we had a plan to bring in Rapid Vienna’s right back but that has fallen through and Colin bid hasn’t been accepted.

    I also think you are being tad unfair to Phil Giles that he has got £8.5M – £10M for 2 players from Birmingham who in 10 months would leave for free. Also the club made quite a lot of signings over the summer and I would expect Egan to start more games and Mepham as 4th choice CB. Replacing Jota won’t happen but Canos is nearing fitness, MacLeod is in training, Clarke can play further up, Archibald looks a good propsect in that position too.
    If we had started the season with more points then maybe we would have gambled but the fact is we’ve started the season badly points wise so the policy of buy cheap, sell for profit is the right one to pursue

  2. BORU

    Dean’s exit comments, are very telling; he gave his best, but, at the denouement of the last two seasons, it was clear that BFC was going nowhere in the promotion stakes; he’d had enough of mediocrity, after the exciting promotion and real possibilities of reaching the top, that he had experienced under his last real mentor, Warburton. Birmingham could well be building a serious promotion team for this season and Dean is justified in wanting to be part of the action; now Jota &Colin are at the Birmingham training ground; they must have formed a compact with Dean, after mulling things over, in assessing their better prospects at Birmingham. Sounds about Egan being approached; he’s not going, they say, we will soon see.
    Any unlikely promotion pretentions are pretty much over for Smith; but he’s not a promotion contender and he never has been; he is a consolidator or an avoid relegation specialist. BFC is essentially in Championship survival mode, for the foreseeable future.
    It would only take a rejection of the amended stadium plans by Hounslow Council, to complete th Gotterdammerung scenario, with , “the shadow man”, fulfilling his threat, to, cancel the whole thing, although I think the old ground could be made a really nice place to go, if they really wanted to make the effort.

    • hobo

      Warburton/mediocrity/smith, change your tune Brian they are all going for one thing a big fat pay check,the club wont break a wage structure, and so it should be with only 10,000 crowds.
      also most real Bees fans are happy with mid table medeocrity, now that’s a word we’ve had to get used to over the years.

  3. Jason W

    Same old Brentford! My hopes and dreams crushed with yet another transfer deadline day. And there was i thinking that a top six finish was a possibility ? OK yes harley and jota was inevitable but where are the replacements, so much for Smith wanting a larger squad this season, ok we have bought well in the transfer window ! But I fear that their lack of experience will cost us, I always try to looking on the bright side but I think we have a relegation fight on our hands! But will keep the faith come on you Bees.

  4. Jason w

    “BUY ONE, GET TWO FREE” its the Brentford fc start of season sale. What happened to financial fair play
    Rules ! This has got to be a joke. What are brentford doing ? Still trying to keep the faith . Up the Bees

  5. BORU

    Now, another meetyland character is in the frame; oh, it’s owned by the shadow man.
    BFC , the poor relative of the Bacon Uncle.

  6. Rob

    It is what it is unfortunately. Thought there was going to be a sting in the tail when Beesotted talked about the new stadium and referenced what Benham had said about the continued ‘transfer policy’, which is buy value and sell for profit. We can’t afford these player wages and won’t bust the bank trying to. Ultimately we’ve pulled in another £10m quid and that’s good business…. if we don’t go down. On the flip side I don’t see how this policy can bring us a PL birth, and as we’ve all been told, ‘Brentford can only truly be financially stable in the PL’. It’s galling ….going to Brum is only marginally better than going to Fulscum or QPR. Money talks and all that.
    Just imagine what it’ll be like for us in the PL?

  7. Nigel Garrigan

    Another pathetic and predictable demonstration of the weak leadership at Brentford. ‘Mugged Off’ again as the transfer window closes with no time to find and buy good alternatives – except from our Danish friends who are ‘experts’ at ‘Zonal Tackling’ and ‘Slide Marking’. £10 million is a lot of money – to us the true supporters – but will it be invested in the team, like the money from Gray, Hogan & Odabajo!!??I think supporters (I’ve been going to Griffin Park since 1964 – whoopee doo’s) understand how difficult it is to compete in the Championship, and the rewards on offer elsewhere, and you can do nothing but wish the departing players well, but stop pontificating about this wet dream of sustainable football and how the club is going to progress. We are not progressing – 5th, 9th & 10th are admirable stats to start with. Let’s get over the megalomania and start being honest about the true vision of the club.

  8. Nigel Garrigan

    Is my season ticket transferable to St.Andrews ?

    • hobbo

      “Mugged off”unbelievable, what short memories some of you lot have(Noades,Webb to name two muggers and league 2 football to boot). Its not the managements fault the ridiculous transfer window closes five games into a new season it should be done and dusted before the season starts.
      Do you really think the Bees can compete with the fat cats in this division wages wise?Around 100,000,000 invested so far by the bacon uncle( Borus latest) i for one would’nt begrudge him putting some of the fees in his back pocket after all it was his money that started our championship adventure.
      Get behind the team, please cut out all bleating and back biting and the support the underdogs as we have always done, and enjoy it win or lose, thats one of the reasons why i became a Bees fan in the first place.

  9. Nigel garrigan

    Congratulations to Birmingham City and Harry Redknap, you’ve bought 3 great players, who we all wish well and hope they fulfill the ambitions Brentford failed to match as a professional football club. Please look out for more bargains at the GSK car boot fare in Jaunuary

  10. David Carney

    So much hot air and ill considered comment. The Brentford business model is the only way forward for a secure and successful future on field.
    There is a strong, in-depth Championship squad that will push for promotion, some incredibly talented young guys that will become far better then Jota (think Watkins, Mauplay, Henry, etc.). A ‘B’ team that has some outstanding talent and 10 (yes ten) on International call up this weekend.
    If that is not progress from pre Benham days, then there needs to be a redefinition of progress.
    If a player wants to leave for a pocketful of cash there is no way they will stay. On the way through, the skills of Brentford is identifying and nurturing a talent that will help fund further progress is sound logic and good business sense.
    Brentford is stronger and financially more sound each year and progresses to the Premier League at a good pace.

    • BORU

      Pompous acolyte.

      • hobo

        Pompous, that’s a bit rich coming from you Brian.

        • BORU

          You, who has written one post in three years, that has any pertinent or relevant content; one of your recent, it actually indicated a faint spark, an iota of thought, a sign of movement amongst the rags on your chaise longue of rote repeated droning, licking boneman’s arse.
          Go back to what your sole usage, polishing shadow mans boots; how do you like that!

          • hobo

            Pompous and now very rude,” LOVE IT BRIAN” one of your best insults yet keep them coming.

    • Nigel garrigan

      Time will tell.

  11. D E Drayton

    Here we are next to bottom in the league and we sell three of our best players. Phil Giles tells us the priority is a sustainable club, surely the priority is to stay in the championship.

    • hobbo

      Sustainable or back to loose change in buckets?


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