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A City Of Yellows Are Coming To Brentford

A City Of Yellows Are Coming To Brentford

Looking ahead to this weekend’s Championship clash with Norwich City, the folks at City Of Yellows blog, look ahead to what will undoubtedly be another keenly contested clash. The two sides have already played each other twice this season, with contrasting results, so this third head to head is a hard one to call.

Casting my mind back to my childhood, its not the Bees that first associate me with Brentford, it has the adverts on TV waxing lyrical about the massive choice of net curtains and winceyette nighties available at Brentford Nylons advert. What I really like about Brentford is the quality of their location, namely in a traditional built up area amongst its fanbase and better still having a pub on all four corners. Norwich City and the Bees therefore both having facilities with character and located close to important pre and post-match watering holes and public transport access.

Both clubs, in their early days benefited from playing each other on a regular basis. From the first contest on 9th October 1920 to April 1933, all league games took place in the cosy League Division Three (South). Then both sides eventually woke up, realised promotion was an option and travelled up the heady heights of Division Two. During this period we also managed to beat each other once in the FA Cup. We then went our separate ways until 1955 only to find ourselves back in the warm nest that is Division Three (South).

Currently we can both consider ourselves established Championship sides having been opponents six times since 2014 including the League Cup victory earlier this season – the current score being 1-1 in victories with both of us managing to perform better away. Let’s hope this season’s pattern continues on Saturday.

Overall, City’s record stands at W24 D9 L22… honours pretty even then.

I haven’t found any players who have really pulled up trees for both clubs. If I was to pick one, it would be Michael Turner who did a solid defensive job for us with 76 games (2012-17) and 110 successful and highly appreciated appearances for the Bees which were recognised with players and supporters awards in 2005 and 2006.   

Having witnessed the Brentford victory at Carrow Road, I walked away accepting we had been beaten by the better team – stronger, organised and a direct approach won the day. City only really started to put the Bees under pressure once behind. City fans were disappointed to see Sergi Canos go, feeling that he never really got the chance to shine whilst always working hard when he got minutes on the pitch with plenty of passion and possessing the skill to create and finish in style.  

With the Bees sitting pretty, six places and six points above City and close on the shirt tails of the play-offs there is plenty to play for. Whilst City can not score and only have one striker in the club, the defence are more organised since we last met. Expect either a 0-0 draw or one goal from either side. If we don’t make the playoffs, I really hope the Bees do!

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