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Brentford look to get back to winning ways in the league against the Millers. Meanwhile, Rotherham have sold their main striker from last season Alex Revell to Cardiff and have reverted to tippy-tippy football.

We are in the studio discussing all sorts including transfers (possibly a striker from up North for the Bees), is the poor management Ched Evans affair a reflection on how serious football authorities treat issues like sexual assault? , Norwich & their new manager from Hamilton Academicals, Steve Evans and selling Rotherham’s top striker last season Alex Revell plus much much more

Billy Grant – Beesotted
Dave Lane – Beesotted
Matt Allard – Beesotted
Nick Carthew – Beesotted
Chris Saxon – Rotherham Fan

0 min – Start
1 m 46 secs – Fan feedback from the pubs post Brighton match
6m 43 sec – Brighton game discussion
11m 11 sec – News including transfer news around Griffin Park – rumours of a striker coming in from up North, Norwich new manager, Ched Evans

33 min 35 secs – With Blackpool fans being sued for message board postings and Cardiff deciding to not listen to fans about red shirts .. then change it’s mind at the last minute .. is football guilty of selective listening when it comes to fans’ opinion?

54 min 24 secs – Chris Saxon (@AxholmeMiller – Rotherham Fan) interview

1 min 6 sec – Bees fans discuss Rotherham match

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