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Brentford High School End Of Season Reports 2018/19

Brentford High School End Of Season Reports 2018/19

As another rollercoaster season at Brentford High School draws to an end, Beesotted’s Condorman
runs the rule over the 2018/19 Governors report:

Report Summary:
So it’s been another year of highs and lows here in TW8 with a lot of disruption across the season,
most notably when head teacher Mr Smith moved back to the midlands. Whilst it was great to see
the school appoint his replacement from within, it is fair to say that Mr Frank took a while to see his
methods reach fruition in the classroom. But we feel that the future now looks rosy, particularly with
a few of the younger pupils starting to make their mark.

This report cannot pass without acknowledging the brilliant work that popular teacher Mr Rowan
had put into Brentford High School before his sad passing. He is missed by all associated with the
school but his legacy continues in the quality of pupil that remains.
We have one more year in our current location at Griffin Park – let’s hope we make it one to

Pupil by pupil assessment:

Daniel Bentley

 It’s fair to say that Daniel didn’t have the best year at school, often dropping
textbooks at unfortunate moments and sometimes giving the test answers directly to strikers from
opposing schools. However, if he can regain his form and confidence he still has a lot to offer.

Luke Daniels 

Despite being one of the older pupils, Luke didn’t regularly appear in lessons until later
in the season where he eventually started to show some consistency in class. Luke’s demands for
regular lesson time and the emergence of promising younger pupils might see him leave over the
summer after a hit and miss couple of years.

Rico Henry

Rico is a pupil full of potential but his sickness record at school is something of a
concern. Fortunately time is on his side and he still has the ability to get better and stronger. He
remains popular with class-mates and teachers.

Henrik Dalsgaard

Henrik returned from his summer excursion looking a bit tired and regularly
threw tantrums in class when messing up even the simplest of tasks. Performed much better after
both a little rest and a move of desk, and his experience of International schools remains an asset.
Moses Odubajo. It was a nice surprise when Moses returned to the school while potential problems
with truancy turned out not to be an issue. Will be moving to a new school next season but gave his
all in the Red and White tie and was prepared to sit in any chair in the classroom.

Julian Jeanvier

“JJ” joined us from France last summer and has transitioned into a solid pupil with a
no nonsense attitude who helps support some of the younger pupils around him.

Ezri Konsa

An impressive debut year for Ezri who moved across town last summer. He struggled for
a while during the middle of term but bounced back to put in a series of assured performances, and
takes great care in distributing books to his class mates whilst under pressure, sometimes with a

Yoann Barbet

Yoann put in some of his best performances in his four year stint at the school whilst
sitting on a bespoke three person desk crafted by Mr Frank. Has decided to find a new school next
year but his beautiful artwork and the pride he showed in his school will be missed

Mads Bech Sorensen

A giant pupil who looks much older than his years, Mads enjoyed his first
taste of full time school this term. Doesn’t yet look the finished article but seemed to learn quickly.

Kamo Mokotjo

Kamo is a popular and hard-working boy who works his socks off and helped his
class-mates to regain their confidence during the final semester. An important pupil.

Lewis Macleod

Lewis has been at the school for almost four years , during which he has produced
an unprecedented amount of sick notes. It’s fair to say he has never reached the consistency of
work required and will not be enormously missed despite some obvious talent

Romaine Sawyers

The head boy had another magnificent year, consistently delivering high quality
work whilst visibly working harder than ever. Some parents still doubt his contribution but to many
he is one of the very best pupils we’ve ever had.

Josh MacEachran

Josh briefly put in some patchy good work in class early in the year, but it’s often
easy to forget that he is even in the room. Often leaves the more difficult questions to other pupils
to answer, and it’s fair to say that his talent remains mercurial. There are some suspicions that he
wet his pants a bit during challenging tests. Will not be missed.

Josh DaSilva

Josh joined us midway through the season but took a while to make his mark in
lessons when asked to deputise for Kamo and Romaine. Looks to have the ability to drag lessons by
the scruff of their neck and could be a regular performer next term.

Sergi Canos

Sergi remains an incredibly enthusiastic pupil who is desperate to impress the teacher.
Overall, he had a decent year but you sometimes feel that if he relaxed a bit he would actually
achieve better results. Sometimes turned up in ripped stockings, which is not traditional school

Neal Maupay

Neal has matured brilliantly from a slightly stroppy pupil into a strong and
competitive leader. Blotted his copybook on an early visit to Aston Villa but seemed to curb some of
his worst behaviour after this. Proved very unpopular on a school trip to Leeds but this served only
to fire him up to perform better when the Leeds pupils visited Griffin Park. He could be one that
other schools look to attract over the summer, but we suspect it will take a record donation to PTA
funds for him to be allowed to leave

Ollie Watkins

Ollie has had a peculiar season. On the face of it he has produced some very good
results, but overall he hasn’t really progressed at all in his second year when the expectation was
that he would become a star pupil. Sometimes appears to have concentration lapses in class.
Said Benrahma. Said took a little while to fully settle into life in England but when he found his feet
he was an absolute joy to observe. He can often distract several pupils from other schools at the
same time and his end product is first class. Another prize asset.

Reports in brief:
Chris Mepham : Brilliant pupil who moved to the South Coast for a small fortune

Marcus Forss: Was expected to take a bigger part in lessons but has struggled with injury
Alan Judge: Tried hard but his work was often a bit messy before he moved to Ipswich
Emiliano Marcondes: Another frustrating term for a boy who looks to have ability
Nico Yennaris: Moved to China in January and we missed his versatility for a while
Chio Ogbene: Enjoyed a field trip to Exeter but didn’t appear much in class afterwards





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