84 % possession?? We’re dominating but can’t score. Who is to blame? – pre Middlesbrough match podcast from the pub

84 % possession?? We’re dominating but can’t score. Who is to blame? – pre Middlesbrough match podcast from the pub
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Brentford are now well and truly in the ‘we can judge the team’ period – having played 10 league games this season. The fact that they have only won ONE of those games is a point for concern for many fans as they have opened up on social media over the past few weeks and criticised Brentford’s current form.

The Beesotted crew met in The Lamb and Flag pub in Covent Garden to get over the malaise of being unable to beat possibly the worst team they have played this season – Derby County the previous night. And not much to discuss except Brentford’s inability to score. Derby manager Gary Rowett’s analysis of where Brentford’s faults were. The referee having a Clive Thomas moment – blowing the whistle mid-attack on the Derby goal. Brentford’s new stadium. Plus we discuss Brentford owner Matthew Benham’s tweet in which he blasted the moaners post Derby match.

Plus we discuss the Bob Booker unfiltered social in the boozer pre-Millwall match (link to reserve FREE tickets http://eepurl.com/cjVf-b) and announce that dates have been pencilled in for the Christmas Social at The Fullers’ Brewery and also at the end of season.

In the boozer:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick
Lord Lou Can

0m – Intro
9m 45 sec – Fans after the Derby match have their say
14m 26 sec – Beesotted crew chat Derby and Bolton matches. Owner Matt Benham’s tweet blasting the moaners for “not watching the same match”. Crowds.
1hr 11m 14 sec – Beesotted crew talk #Boro and Bob Booker social and Q&A in the pub – Sat 14th Oct – midday
1hr 18 min 20 sec – END



Play Or Stay Drama At Griffin Park

Play Or Stay Drama At Griffin Park

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About The Author

BillytheBee Grant

Following Brentford for 30 years plus now.. write .. blog .. videoblog .. podcast ... photograph ...eat .. sleep .. Brentford.. am known to attend the occasional England match too (12 tournaments now) so am hardened to failure ...On the board and national council of the Football Supporters Federation.... organised husky dog racing for a living back in the day ... as you do ..You don't wanna go up!!


  1. BORU

    Who is this moronic “dog shit”, drek, “Dave”, drivelling and yapping in the podcast, revolting knuckle dragging, twerp.
    The “liberal”, is the only one who ever talks in a coherent and thoughtful manner. Makes good points. The rest are regurgitating cliches, repeated in every bar room ramble.
    Is it a good idea, having a so called discussion, when 75% of the crew are half pissed, probably not.

  2. David Carney

    The time for real concern is when possession is consistently and significantly below 50%.
    How about focussing on the positive, which is that week after week Brentford control the engine room of the game and there are apparently three problem areas to overcome:
    1. Opposition teams are using fairly heavy tactics to try to upset the playing style os a group of young and relatively inexperienced players.
    2. The well documented defence lapses
    3. The inability to close out play and score.
    These are problems that every team confront so nothing is unique to Brentford, except the quality of the squad is quite outstanding.
    The coaching staff are good, the depth of the squad is good, so the problems will be overcome sooner rather then later.
    There are two other issues that come into play. firstlyGriffin Park is no longer a fortress because the Brentford supporters are not providing the 12th man. In reality is is like playing with one man short because the players are so aware that at the slightest opportunity the crowd will be over critical. This affects confidence and performance levels and often makes it easier to play away from Griffin Park. Secondly, despite what everyone says, player confidence levels are lower than when the team is on a winning streak and of course this affects performance.
    Less talk and more support is required from supporters until the inevitable couple of wins takes place and Brentford start rapidly climbing the table.
    The reality is a top six finish is very achievable this season and I would be surprised if Brentford are not in the play offs come season end.

  3. BORU

    Enigmatic insect, to be battered up in Ramsdens red and served, chipped and mushy., for Tee.


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