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Yes To Rainbow Laces. No To Long Ball – Bees v Fulham pre-match podcast

Yes To Rainbow Laces. No To Long Ball – Bees v Fulham pre-match podcast

With Fulham coming to Griffin Park at the weekend, the Beesotted crew (and Sammy from Fulhamish podcast) met up at The Hydrant pub right next door to Monument station to discuss last minute goals and all sorts.

On the menu for today was the QPR match – and Brentford’s soft underbelly which has allowed teams to continually score soft goals against us whilst in winning positions. Ian Holloway’s rant against QPR and Brentford fans. Dan Bentley – should he be dropped? Plus they recalled last minute goals that caused joy in some cases … and tears in the other.

Plus we spoke to Gemma from Brentford LGBT group LGBTees about the rainbow laces campaign being championed by football clubs up and down the country at the moment – with the Beesotted crew questioning whether the campaign should be getting more support from players (Twitter @lgbt_bees, Facebook: LGBeeTBrentford, Insta: LGBeeT_Brentford, Email

Plus we discussed favourite Fulham v Brentford matches and look forward to the big match at the weekend.

In the pub:

Billy Grant
Dave Lane
Liberal Nick
Sammy from @Fulhamish PodcastFULHAMISH

0 min – Intro
10 min 20 sec – Fans in the pub after the QPR match
18 min 15 sec – Beesotted crew discuss QPR match plus more
51 min 33 sec – Billy Grant chats to Gemma – founder of Brentford LGBT group LGBTees – about the rainbow laces campaign currently being promoted by football league clubs
1h 8 min 4 sec – Beesotted crew discuss the rainbow laces campaign and ask whether it is having the impact it should be
1h 25 min 58 sec – Beesotted crew and Fulhamish discuss Fulham game

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About The Author

BillytheBee Grant

Following Brentford for 30 years plus now .. write .. blog .. videoblog .. podcast ... photograph .. sleep .. Brentford .. am known to attend the occasional England match too (12 tournaments now) so am hardened to failure ... On the board and national council of the Football Supporters Federation. ... organised husky dog racing for a living back in the day ... as you do .. You don't wanna go up!!


  1. BORU

    Socio-political agenda groups, are now taking an interest in creating “problems” in sport.
    Any such problem, is marginal and is invariably an exaggeration or even invention of a “problem”, to give them something to moan about.
    Invariably, the in your face approach of these vociferous groups, just alienates and annoys ordinary sport fans, who have no problem with anyone playing sport.

    • Dave Lane

      There’s clearly a problem if not one single player is confident enough to ‘come out’, that’s undeniable. And gay football fans ARE ordinary sports fans, but homophobia is an important issue – and as for constantly finding something to moan about – is that ironic or do you never read what you write? LOL

    • LGbEEts

      As Dave says – we are ordinary sports fans – well as ordinary as your average Brentford fan anyway! I won’t get into the need for the group with you on here as it’s covered on the podcast if you don’t accept that answer you won’t accept this one here…. BUT you can’t question that the people we work with are ‘ordinary’ Brentford fans, there are too many years at GP and around the country to say anything different.


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