The Lionel Road Stadium Fans’ Forum Podcast

The Lionel Road Stadium Fans’ Forum Podcast

With Brentford FC recently announcing changes in plans to the proposed new Brentford stadium at Lionel Road, Beesotted, BIAS (Brentford Independent Supporters Organisation), Bees United and the Griffin Park Grapevine decided it would be incredibly beneficial for fans and club execs to meet up to discuss the changes.

The forum would give an opportunity for fans to ask questions to the club on the rational for the new stadium plans as well as give the club opportunity to clarify a number of points which were unclear after the recent announcement.

And even after Matthew Benham’s recent statement – which went some way to clearing a number of issues – ( fans still felt that the forum was useful. They were able to get more understanding on how the ‘premium seating’ was going to work at Griffin Park. And were able to put pressure on the club to look at increasing the potential standing allocation from 1200 to over 2k fans – and possibly even more.

Most importantly, the club have promised more dialogue in the future over the next stages of designing the inside of the stadium.

On the panel:

Billy Grant – Beesotted (chair)

Gemma Teale – BIAS

Cliff Crown – Brentford Chairman

Mark Devlin – Brentford CEO

Nity Raj – Brentford Director and Smart Odds CEO

Dave Merritt – Bees United Director

plus Trevor Inns – Griffin Park Grapevine – on the floor mic



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  1. BORU

    Crown is a fake, mealymouth, as always.
    Crown makes no concrete commitments.
    3000premium seats ,the “premium experience” (sic); a massive increase in EXPENSIVE SEATING.
    “The Way the world has moved on” meaning WHAT! ; Bullshit, “extra capital extra risk Benham wouldn’t finance, we could screw it up and destabilise the club”; very positive!
    Upfront costs to conference activities, pathetic excuse, a normal risk.
    Premium seats. What a joke, BFC has never been a fashionable club, will never sell these seats.
    West Ham company, as a model, the Olympic stadium , could not be a worse model to base Brentford’s model upon.
    “My memory is cloudy”, feeble!
    “A very tight site”; they chose it!
    League position ; that is real and not up for debate! Smith = mediocrity.
    Benham, is going to make massive profits from the Braemar Road site.
    “Quality of the playing squad is better”; not compared to under Mark Warburton!
    Debate , is pathetically centred on existing effects on season ticket holders. “Difficult conversations” , on higher pricing of premium seating, ha, bloody , ha. Holders, will get a first choice, to pay big prices, THANKS!
    Benham, has always been a totally anonymous, bland and anodyne owner, as per his crap badge redesign, with zero personal character or input with fans, what kind of a BFC, so-called “1979fan”, is this; just for the record, I came to the home game against Newport, that year, big deal!
    Benham, is backing out of his exposure financially, to BFC.
    A real fan, with his bottomless millions, from preying on pathetic and socially sick gamblers, wouldn’t worry about this., it wou,d be “throwaway money”.
    Free drinks, as adraw to attendance; how condescending and pathetic.
    Bees United rep, is an apologist for Benham and co.
    Excuse to leave out conference facilities, money costs. Ludicrous. Utterly negative.
    Who are aRe Willmont Dixon? All this nonsense, BFC, should have got promotion to Premiership, FIRST; this is putting the achievement, before reality! BFC, have areal threat of dropping into league one, this season.
    Warburton, threatened to achieve this , TOO EARLY for Benheem, hence the dismissal.
    Rugby Club share; disaster for pitch.
    The system drones, says, “Griffin Park works against us ” for atmospheric advantages; what mealy mouthed rubbish!
    Reduced capacity, will bring a culture of unaffordable pricing, etc.
    “The maths”; depends on existing fans buying the, potentially, extortionate, “premium seating” , aka, bullshit.
    Benheem, clearly has lost bottle re BFC future; fails to realise community revenue stream, he screwed up our best chance to move on up!
    No vision, beyond basic stadium. Will be a boring, featureless dwarf site; a bloody shadow of Braemar Road! He is going to make a shed load of profit from the redevelopment in our old stadium! That is what he has been in for, from day one.
    Benheem, should have kept his nose out of BFC, without sufficient spare dosh. Lost his bottle now, when the crunch comes. Empty windbag.
    Pulled the rug from under the “community stadium” concept.
    Weddings in the kitchens, lovely!
    I won’t be “proud”, of this vapid void of a ‘stadium”
    “We don’t run pubs”; there justification,for no stadium bar, laughable!
    No answers for “details”.
    “Age related discount, cannot be guaranteed”; they are pathetically meagre, anyway! I cant afford to attend matches, as it is!
    “We look forward to working with you, the fans”; yea right!

    • hobo

      Very entertaining comments Brian.”BENHEEM OUT”. There i said it for you, keep on ranting though.

    • StuarT

      This obviously wouldn’t have happened if Saint Warbo was still involved, would it “Brian”?

  2. Adrian

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there should be at least some sensible comment and reasoning. Boru has, once again, gone completely over the top and has disregarded much of what was said. The statement from Matthew Benham and the discussions at the meeting, in my view, demonstrated very clearly that the club is moving forward in the right direction. The new stadium, as with almost everything, is not going to be 100% what we all want, but they are making sensible decisions and it will certainly be a step up from the wonderful, but aged, Griffin Park. The very nature of such a vast undertaking means that there will inevitably be compromises. Of course there will be aspects of the new stadium that some will like and others that some would do differently. I do think that there should be continued consultation by the club on some of the issues, which is exactly what this meeting was doing. Ultimately it is the club and Matthew Benham who have the final say and rightly so. All we can do is seek to influence the areas where fan input can be taken into account.

  3. DAvid carney

    I do so much enjoy the irregular humorous contribution from Boru. Everyone else is so very serious with their comments and I am convinced Boru is happily trying to wind everyone up with his witty put downs and exaggerations – the art of pure comedy.
    Keep it up Boru, because the above contribution is probably your best yet


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