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Leeds Fans Ask Away Fans “Can You Afford to Come To Elland Road?”

Leeds Fans Ask Away Fans “Can You Afford to Come To Elland Road?”

There’s been a lot of furore over the ticket prices charged by a number of Championship teams over the past few years. It has always been believed by away fans that the prices charged in previous seasons by the likes of Sheffield Wednesday (£36 plus), Norwich (£35 plus), Ipswich (£32.50), Brighton (£32.50), Leeds (£36 plus), Boro (£31) were way above what fans should be playing. 

This season has seen Ipswich offer £25 reciprocal pricing to fans, Boro and Villa charged a borderline £30 whereas teams like Wolves seem to be creeping up year on year. 

However, there are two annual chief culprits in the Division who insist on charging away fans in excess of £35 a match – a price which is deemed extortionate – Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday.

Beesotted have always been a believe that it is the fans who can come together to save this. Too many times we have been faced by high ticket prices only for some opposition fans to tell us “Well if you don’t like the price then don’t come”. Surely ticket pricing is something that affects all fans. Why should a set of supporters be subject to higher ticket prices simply because their team is more popular than another. Football authorities know that fans do not swap to find a cheaper team in the way that shoppers swap to find a supermarket so why take advantage?

It’s for fans to question their own clubs. If you don’t want the same thing to be done to you when you travel away, then yo should expect the same when fans visit your ground. We at Beesotted questioned Brentford Football Club’s pricing policy away fans a few seasons ago – £35 being the top priced ticket for many fans. As a result, the price has subsequently been reduced. 

So we believe that it is very positive that the Leeds United Supporters trust has decided to set up a survey asking away fans whether or not they will be travelling to Elland Road this seasons and to give their reasons why or why not and we urge fans to give their opinion.

You can fill in the quick survey by clicking on the link below 



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