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Harlee Dean’s Brentford Team Insult Sparks Social Media Storm

Harlee Dean’s Brentford Team Insult Sparks Social Media Storm

Harlee Dean has certainly upped the anti ahead of the Birmingham – Bees clash at St Andrews next Wednesday evening thanks to his ‘claptrap comments’ on The Blues’ TV channel.

The atmosphere between the travelling Brentford fans and the trio of deadlines day defectors to Small Heath was already likely to be strained, but our former Captain’s comments regarding the current Birmingham squad being ‘ten times better’ than the Mark Warburton Bees team that finished fifth in the Championship and missed out on promotion to the Premier League in the play-offs to Middlesbrough, has been met with ridicule and anger via social media.

This is one of the few ‘printable’ fan comments posted on Beesotted’s buzzing Facebook page… Marc Byrne saying; “Unfortunately Harlee Dean has always had a tendency to engage his big mouth before his pea sized brain. Age is not bringing any wisdom. Thought he had matured for us a footballer last season, obviously not. Ill judged comments from a player best served in getting his head down and getting picked rather than spouting complete guff about a club that served him well.”

You can listen to Dean’s exact words by clicking on the audio play button above, and please feel free to share your views on what’s said in the comment box at the foot of the page.

We ran a poll on Beesotted Twitter last night in which 93% of the 500 fans who voted agreed that ‘Harlee is talking s**t’ with his needless, classless, swipe at arguably the best Brentford side in living memory. 

We understand that being heard saying the right thing is important when you move clubs, but surely not at the expense of insulting your ex team mates and the fans of a club that remained loyal and supportive to the player even when his form fluctuated and several poorly timed confrontations – most notably after the thrashing at Norwich last season.

Still, it sets up a tasty atmosphere on Wednesday night, but whether Dean is picked to play against Brentford is questionable after a string of performances that have seen Blues fans hammering him too.

Dave Lane



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  1. Steve-0

    Truth hurts


  2. Rob

    Possibly because he (Dean) is not in their starting 11 whereas we had no choice but to play him in the Warburton era.

  3. stephen boyce

    i think harlee has just said the first thing that came into his head…always did speak before engaging brain..probably wishes he had chosen his words better as i still think he gave his all for brentford…wuldn’t want to see any nastiness creep into bees fans rhetoric…( as if !! ) ..He did us proud and on a personal note am grateful to him and alan mc cormack for ensuring my daughter and her friend who were co-incidentally celebrating her 21st b/day party in the same newcastle night club as brentford team on their christmas bash about 3 years ago , were literally carried by these great guys to the nearest taxi rank to get back safely to their hotel…thanks for that harlee..just glad she didnt meet ched evans instead…maybe bees still need a harlee to marshall the team into action

  4. Wightbee

    It seems Harlee left his brain behind when he moved to Birmingham Shitty plus the fact he was never any good at numbers. How to turn good memories into bad with a few stupid words, Two players from that ten times worse side have now been signed by Birmingham Shitty, one being their record signing. with Harlee probably the weakest link in that ten times worse side.


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