It was over 14 years ago that my dad took me to my first Brentford game in a buggy. I don’t remember anything about the game – considering I was just three months old – but, over the years, my dad has been taking me to home and away games to watch the Bees and, it’s fair to say, that Brentford has taken up most of mine and my dad’s life. I have wondered before, why I am a Brentford fan and not a Chelsea or Arsenal fan, but 14 years of supporting a club that is wonderful in many ways – not just on the pitch – has me hooked for life.

With love normally comes heartbreak and that is exactly what we get at Brentford. The scenes of Doncaster away brought the first Brentford tear to my eye. That foul, that argument over who would take the penalty, that shot, that crossbar… From this time last year me saying; “This is the worst day of my life…” to this year replacing the word ‘worst’ with the word ‘best’. Everything happens for a reason and last year made me realise (after a few days of grieving) that Brentford FC is not going to be a club like Manchester City or Chelsea.

I would never want Brentford to become a club like that – with a budget so big and world class names here, there and everywhere, because Brentford is special for the opposite reasons. We may not have an Abramovich or an Ozil, but we do have a Mathew Benham that is a true and loyal Bee. He is not in it for the money, but for the club’s future. We have a team that wants to be proud to play football.

With all the money in the first tier of English football surely one question has to be asked… You have all the money, you could retire at the age of 25, what’s the point in trying? Brentford players have to aspire to be at the top. Players like Forshaw might not get to the top with Brentford, but I’m sure he will get there some how. The team play every game to improve. With an attitude like that, from every player, can only be a good thing.

And 14 years on I have only been to one game without my dad, who has made Brentford such a huge part of my life and I can’t thank him enough for making me a Bee. I know that being a Bee’s fan isn’t easy. We have our highs and our lows (quite a lot of lows) although what happened on the 18th of April 2014, was a massive high.

We deserve to treasure these amazing moments, and it is these moments why I love Brentford. Brentford fans deserve to treat the games at MK Dons, Colchester and at home at GP, as parties. Everyone connected to Brentford should be proud of the team and proud of the people and fans that make Brentford what it is.

Seb Lane