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Blind Date or Tinder? – The pre-QPR v Brentford Podcast From The Pub

Blind Date or Tinder? – The pre-QPR v Brentford Podcast From The Pub

A disappointing week for the Bees as they recorded only one point in six – losing 2-0 away to Cardiff and drawing 1-1 ah home to Burton.

The Beesotted crew gathered in The Cross Keys Pub in Black Lion Lane, Stamford Brook to discuss all manner of stuff from tagging players into social media conversations to Maupay’s miss. The Beesotted Crew’s near misses. They discussed their experiences of thinking we had something in the bag …. then to find out it wasn’t in the bag at all. Intensity was one description after a romantic liaison that got a little bit too much for one Bee who opted to duck out to a Brentford game instead.

After Burton’s parking of the bus they discussed all manor of obscure parking activity at football matches. They also discussed the film documenting Emiliano Marcondes joining Brentford  – after the Bees fended off Brondby for his autograph. They chatted to Paul Finney of the QPR Podcast about all things QPR. Plus they even interviewed a couple in the pub on their first tinder date.

0 min – Intro
17 m 50 sec – Fans in the pub after the Cardiff and Burton matches
27 m 45 sec – Beesotted crew discuss Burton match & Cardiff match plus talk about things you though were in the bag but you actually missed out on. After Maypay’s miss we discussed the pros and cons of tagging the player into a conversation about him after Moose from Talksport did that very thing as well as the Beesotted crew’s experiences of thinking they had something in the bag. And it turned out not to be … one even involved a European romantic liaison linked into a Bees game.
58 m 25 sec – Emiliano Marcondes Documentary (click link)  showing the cogs in the week of the players’ recent move to Brentford
1 hr 14 m 47 sec – Tinder couple’s thoughts on Brentford
1 h 18 min 0 sec – Paul Finney (@PaulFinney1969) from QPR Podcast (@QPRPod) gives us the lowdown on QPR
1h 32 m 31 sec- Beesotted crew chat QPR
1 h 42 min 47 sec – END

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BillytheBee Grant

Following Brentford for 30 years plus now .. write .. blog .. videoblog .. podcast ... photograph .. sleep .. Brentford .. am known to attend the occasional England match too (12 tournaments now) so am hardened to failure ... On the board and national council of the Football Supporters Federation. ... organised husky dog racing for a living back in the day ... as you do .. You don't wanna go up!!


  1. westberksBee

    Great Blog …… Loved the Tinder sub agenda. Hats off to Burton … they played a canny game with the resources they had. Thought a few players were off their best but that happens after games like Cardiff where we played so well and the fans were brilliant (my mum says self praise is vulgar btw). We had a limited number of outside the box chances and we didn’t get them on target.

  2. J Wills

    Well done guys! yet another great podcast . Must be hard work sitting in the pub for hours putting all that together ! Cant wait for tomorrow, my cousin and i supporting the mighty bees !!!! And my two brothers in the dark side. Family’s ? I just hope its a happy journey home for my cousin and i. Its time to remind people yet again that “West London Is Ours” #teamslikeBrentford. COME ON YOU BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES !


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