For some bizarre reason, Friday saw us promoted, when a lot of Bees fans thought it would be at the home of Franchise FC aka MK Dons, and left a lot of shell-shocked Bees fans to drink themselves silly on Friday night to get used to the idea that unless we are mysteriously docked points, or something like that, we are actually going to be a Championship club next season!  Not even we could screw up our chances of promotion now!

So, yes, it’s back to the serious matter of a game, this time against Franchise FC aka MK Dons.  They’ve won three and lost five of their last eight games…… but ……I couldn’t give a shit.  Their home record since the beginning of 2014 reads: Won 2, Drawn 2 and Lost 6……. but again, I couldn’t actually care less right now.  For all I care, they could be firing blanks, only scoring eight goals in their last eight games, and have a top scorer who is a midfielder.  But frankly, I don’t give a damn.  Something about us not scoring in something 400 minutes away from home?……. Whatever.

Please excuse my lack of caring about this particular match preview, but (at the time of writing) a) I am nursing a hangover and b) it doesn’t actually matter because we are now promoted.  Yes!  It’s true!  We somehow got promoted.  I am still in shock.

So, what do we give a shit about the Franchise FC aka MK Dons game?  We have 3,000 Bees fans travelling up to Milton Keynes to not give a shit about the game and just have a party?  Can we have a massive conga?  Will Warburton give Super Kev the chance to reach 500 appearances in a Brentford shirt by playing him in the last three games of the season and allow him the recognition the great man deserves?  Will the team include players who have shown promise, such as Josh Clarke or Charlie Adams?  Are there roadworks, so you might be better off going by train?

So, I predict that very few of us will give a shit about the result and we’re just going to enjoy ourselves.  We could lose 10-0 for all I care.

Well, I’m going back to bed and then have to travel back to Brentford to go and pick up my car.

Have a safe journey to Milton Keynes everyone.  We ARE a Championship club for next season.  Little old Loanford did it!  And we didn’t half celebrate like we had won the FA Cup too!

Dan “Leicester Bee” Suh –

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