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Time To Panic? Brentford, No Wins In Seven Podcast

Time To Panic? Brentford, No Wins In Seven Podcast

Still no wins after seven matches following an unlucky draw against Aston Villa and an unlucky loss against Sheffield Wednesday. Bees fans are starting to get nervous with the team sitting in 23rd position and already more than a dozen points away from where we’d hoped to have been this season. Time to panic? Or time to keep calm and carry on?

The Beesotted crew met up yet again in the Cross Keys pub in Stamford Brook, Hammersmith to shoot the breeze and pontificate on whether Brentford were plain unlucky … or just rubbish in front of goal.

In the boozer this week:

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Martin The Dutchman Holland

0m – intro

4m 45 sec – Fans post match in the pub and the rain after the Aston Villa match and the Sheffield Wednesday match

12m 38 sec – Beesotted crew talk Aston Villa and Wednesday match. Ask what is the fine line between bad luck and poor finishing? Ask what would WE do differently the last few weeks? Pose the question are Brentford toothless. And pontificate whether someone is going to get a pasting very soon

49 min 43 sec – Beesotted crew look at Brentford’s dodgy runs over the past few years. Dijkhuizen’s poor start (8 matches) and Dean Smith previous two dodgy runs in 2016 (13 matches) and 2016/2017 (17 matches).

1h 11 min 46 sec – Beesotted crew talk Reading

1h 17 min 50 sec – END




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  1. Charlie the bee

    No it is not the time to panic we will come through this poor run and beat reading on Saturday the players are good if we lose confidence then we are in trouble come on you bees

  2. BORU

    A good striker, would have made his mark, by now.
    Meaning, the team are lacking finishers. They must feel lousy!
    Let’s see what the Royals game produces; it had better be a striker, or two!

    • hobo

      Seem to remember a certain Mr Warburton sticking with Andre Gray ,Who was tacking a lot of stick at the time, when he could’nt hit a cows bum with a banjo?

  3. BORU

    I scored six goals today (seven, last week), in walking football, to marshall my team back from losing game one, five -two, switched goalie to defence and vice versa, then drawing second two -all, won last one eight-four; I’ll come down and give them some coaching!

    • hobo

      Very impressive Brian, give Benham/ Smith a ring i’m sure they would love to discuss tactics with you?

  4. WestBerksBee

    Having been to both Villa and Wednesday I have to say (with the exception of the first 25 mins of the second half at Weds) I’ve never seen us play so well. Barbe looks like a very skilful Dean and has picked up the mantle. Maupay is a nightmare for defenders, Sawyers is looking majestic, Woods is just getting better, Watkins looks like he has it all etc. I could not pick anyone who had a poor game.

    After both games I was approached by home fans saying we were the better team and should have won.

    Lets put it in perspective we’ve, lost one of the last four games and that by the width of a post. This will come good – I have a feeling we are going to give Reading an absolute spanking!!


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